Per usual, life has hiccups. Despite these I continue to work toward completion. Work progresses on three projects. I have completed nearly three quarters of the basting on our veteran’s quilt. The challenge here was that some of the blocks were not sewn correctly. I have been repairing them in addition to completing the basting. I want to honor the women that worked on this quilt with us but cannot let the errors stay as it affects the integrity of the quilt. The challenge is to find a creative way to incorporate these blocks into the whole as it is also our thoughts and prayers for the veteran recipient that are incorporated in the blocks that make up this quilt. It is our thoughts as well as our contribution that brings meaning to our work.

While I sat in the hospital last , I used up all of the floss for a cross stitch project. It always amazes me to see a picture take shape in this medium. It reminds me of pixels as I set every stitch into the fabric. I need more skeins of floss to complete and hope the cross stitching part will be completed before next week. This leaves the next task; deciding how to finish it.

The biggest task is finishing the afghan which I have a third of the rows stitched it together.  I worked on this in the hospital as well and most of the stitching was done there waiting for DH to be released. I find working with my hands a great way to deal with stress.

My focus on completions has definitely provided focus and I find myself scheduling time each day to do a little on each project. Despite not finishing any one thing, with each little step forward I feel a sense of accomplishment. It is a great feeling.

Here is Maggie, she keeps me company as I work around the house and ensures I take regular walks. Can you see her pleading with me? Until next time.

POTD20130102 003


About Sew Hope Needles

I am an avid needlework aficionado that loves to learn various needlework arts such as cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, knitting and quilting. I enjoy making these projects for family and friends and as community service projects.
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2 Responses to Hiccups

  1. Mark Kehrhahn says:

    great story, add more life by posting progress photos.

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