May Flowers

Knockouts in bloomThe weather must be perfect for the Knockout Roses as they have been blooming beautifully over the last week or so as the rain has nourished the earth here in Middle Georgia. They must have heard us discussing removing them as we have been disappointed with their blooming over the last several years. As weather continues to improve after so much rain, almost 3 inches this week, work progressed on closets. Two were completed, the pantry and laundry room. Subsequently, I finished putting those two closets back to work reorganizing both. This opportunity gave me a chance to re-purpose a shelf for our English Springer Spaniel, Maggie’s gear. This is an effort on my part to clear the kitchen counters for a more organized workspace. Today DH and I re-hung the doors after we put up some hooks to add storage spaces in unused wall spaces in both areas.Knockout Roses in bloom!

During this chaotic time, I have continued with my knitting mostly during Monday knitting circle. I have almost completed a second Hannah Jacket in the opposite color-way of the first. The knitting looks better with this sweater than the first. Two Hannah Jackets

I do not care for the look of the crocheted loops on the first therefore I am contemplating another way of making the loops so they have more substance. In the time of contemplation, I started a striped sweater and have ripped it out several times over the last two days. The seed stitch is not coming out as I expect it to. I have gone on several websites to see where my error is in knitting this stitch. I will have to get help from the Monday knitting circle.

When I last saw my friend J, she asked how I was doing with our challenge, making one garment for ourselves by 1 June. My answer is that I have been thinking of it. It will be a skirt. I have the fabric from a Craftsy Sew-Along last summer. When I got into the sew along I found out that there was an elastic waistband, not a favorite for me. So I am going to make a pattern from a favorite and make it for myself for this summer. It is a denim colored lined. I am dreaming of a time that I can spend in my sewing studio. I remind myself this time of chaos will only result in better use of space and a place for me to sew. Additionally, J completed piecing the baby quilt I originally designed using EQ7 posted in this blog several weeks ago and has sent it to a quilter for completion. I am looking forward to the end result. When she pieced the blocks, we used the camera and moved the blocks around until we liked the combination, the space the camera gives allows us to better see possibilities or anything that jars the picture.

Until next time, Needle on!



About Sew Hope Needles

I am an avid needlework aficionado that loves to learn various needlework arts such as cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, knitting and quilting. I enjoy making these projects for family and friends and as community service projects.
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2 Responses to May Flowers

  1. Joanie says:

    Where did you get the pattern for the hoodie? I have a few little ones to knit for.

    • This is the Hannah Coat from the book, What to Knit When You are Expecting by Nikki Van de Carr. I found it at my local yarn shop where we have knitting group for baby clothes. This is a great book with nice things to knit for the modern baby.

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